Saturday, 5 July 2014

Picture This #258 ~ Simply Red

Many thanks to Baz for hosting this week's theme. Great choice of theme, it should bring out a great variety of subjects. My first instinct was to go with my usual and birds, but on reflection decided I use those far too much, so decided to hunt through my archive for other subjects and also shots I might not have posted before. 

1) A little shop in the local town of Saundersfoot.
The Cat's Whiskers

2) New York's most famous store.

3) Part of the frame of a bandstand in Tenby.
Red Cross

4) A British tradition.
It's Traditional


  1. The cat is really something completely different, love it. A very impressive sign at Macy's and the bandstand in Tenby was a good idea as a photo. Of course, the fish and chip sign is right up my street, a class above those I saw in East London.

  2. Great choices Mitch I really cant pick a fav all fantastic captures ;)

  3. Great choices Mitch. Like the shot of Macy's Herald Square. "Macy's is a part of your life." Classic photo of the Fish and Chips sign.

  4. Hi Mitch, I like your approach. And I am in love with that cat up top.The rusty red is terrific against the blue. Great of Macy's and the rose bandstand frame. And, of course, the fish and chips shot, very nice.

  5. Cool sign

    Great capture

    Beautiful ornamentation

    Indeed and a jolly tasty one too

  6. Hi Debby! Excellent choices for the red theme. Love all the four but perhaps for its simplicity, the part of the frame of that bandstand is my favourite. It stands out nicely against the green of the grass...

  7. Wonderful shots, Mitch. The sign with the cat's head is so unusual and CUTE!

    An iconic shot of the Macy's sign.

    I love the red frame of the bandstand. Now I wish I could see the whole thing!

    Fish and chips (yum!) That red sign looks inviting!