Friday, 25 July 2014



I brought assorted vegetables....
stone soup - vegetables

If a pinch of salt is added, it enhances the taste of the ingredients. I brought flower of salt (I have no idea whether there is an adequate translation into English), that is, gourmet salt, produced in Portugal, being commercialized worldwide from the ancient salt production regions existing in this country, by traditional methods, with high certified quality standards.  Due to its relative scarcity and its labor-intensive production, flower of salt is one of the most expensive salts.
stone soup - flower of salt

Once the soup is ready to be served, bowls will be necessary...
stone soup - soup bowls


  1. Hi Belita! Lovely basket of vegetables from the market. The soup bowls are very nice as well, wonderful pastel colors. But then, wow, I haven't thought of "fior di sal" or "flor de sal" in years. A special treat I learned about from my Sicilian grandfather. I am so delighted you reminded me of it. It is the first raking of sea salt (the flower or best as you said) and in Sicily produced (I was told) on the west coast as well as in Portugal. Thank you for your wonderful picture that brought back a great memory, and something to find for my brother for his birthday.

  2. Beautiful, colorful veggies, Belita! What a great shot.

    I've never had gourmet salt before. Very interesting. I'm glad you thought about the salt... the soup wouldn't be very good without it!

    The bowls! The bowls are my favorite! So pretty!

  3. Wonderful shots Belita I especially love the first one, but all are perfect for the theme ;)

  4. Love your veg selection, good colours and choice. I do not know the english word either, but we call it fleur de sel and I often buy it. One of my colleagues has a stand on the market and sells it, mixed with other herbs. I really adds a good flavour to the dish. I like the bowls, I really though they were melons.

  5. Hi Belita!! Wonderful photos for Debby's theme. A lovely selection of ingredients in the first shot. i am not familiar with the type of salt in your second shot, but it does sound interesting. Love those bowls in the last shot!! As Pat said, at first glance they look like melons cut in half.

  6. wonderful belitta
    I just bought some more of the flower of salt from your country it is so wonderful
    the bowls are wonderful