Saturday, 26 July 2014

Picture This #261 ~ Stone Soup

I called this ingredients for Rösti, although a true Rösti is only potato. I like to mix it with other stuff now and again, so have some herbs from the garden and spring onion (not from the garden) as well.
Zutaten für Rösti

A trip to the local veg market is always rewarding for a camera
Marrow selection

One of my rice dishes with safran and mushrooms
Safran rice and mushrooms


  1. Hi Pat! Wonderful pictures of the herbs and potatoes, nicely laid out for the cook. I love your gourds, very colorful. And the rice dish looks delicious! Beautiful mushrooms and splendid golden color.

  2. Hmmm, I have to comment on the last photo first because it looks so delicious it's making my mouth water! Great shot!

    Pretty colorful shot of the squash! I LOVE squash in my soup!

    Nice shot of the veggies and herbs! Can't wait to taste that soup....but it still needs something else...

  3. Hi Pat!! great shots for this week's theme. Love that first one!! A perfect still-life. Lovely colours in your shot of the gourds. Your saffron-spiced mushroom & rice dish looks really good. Would love to try some!!

  4. great shots Pat--I do that to sometimes to my rosti mix em up a bit

  5. Hi Pat! Very nice display in the first photo... Good colours and shapes in the second... I would not resist to that rice...

  6. They all look great to me too, a shame I don't like rice much cause that does look yummy.