Monday, 7 July 2014

PT 258 ~ Simply Red

Beautiful banner by Debby

 photo 1_zps8cd63b99.jpg 

 photo 2_zpsdb8a5d7e.jpg 

 photo 3_zps03c4533f.jpg


  1. Hi Anders! Those poppies are striking and I love the composition. The lamp is striking as well, beautiful design. My favorite is the red lily with elements of green and white.

  2. Hi Anders!! Was wondering where you had gotten to!! Three lovely shots for Baz's theme.Really lovely line of poppies in the first shot. I love the warm homely glow from the lamp in the second shot. That's one impressive lily in the third shot!!

  3. Hi Anders, great shots for our theme. Great shot of the poppies. Nice warm glow of the wall sconces. The lily is the most impressive.

  4. Anything in red becomes smarter and attractive...

  5. Beautiful border of poppies, Anders!

    Pretty red, orange, yellow glow from the lamps!

    The flower is gorgeous!

  6. Nice view on the poppies, very good arrangement. Nice angle on the lamps and a very nice flower.