Sunday, 7 September 2014

PT CCLXII ~ Summer Showcase

Beautiful banner by Baz 

From our backyard when the poppies were kept intact.
 photo 013_Red_zpse56e715a.jpg 

Taken at a visit to Vrams Gunnarstorp Castle
 photo 01b43b25-6faf-4c49-8ed0-1a3fd1a17502_zps30f57bf0.jpg 

Taken at a visit to the Sofiero Castle Garden
 photo fc79c9eb-1a6c-4c9c-840b-91d7f33575f0_zps92baf354.jpg


  1. Hi Anders! Three beautiful shots...Love the poppies... very nice park ... lovely tulip...

  2. Hi Anders!! Wonderful shots for Debby's theme. The poppies in the first shot are such a vivid red!! Lovely reflective scene in the second shot. Beautiful striped tulip to finish with.

  3. All shots r great yet I loved the last one.

  4. You have lovely poppies in your backyard. Love the castle and the tulip is a super colourful shot.

  5. What a lovely border of poppies! Eye popping color!

    I love the little bridge in the garden! Just lovely. Gorgeous azaleas (in so many different colors) reflected in the water, with the blue sky and nice!

    Absolutely wonderful shot of the tulips!