Monday, 1 September 2014

Picture This # 266 ~ Water

Pulitzer Fountain
The Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel, NYC
The Staten Island Ferry Crossing
Water Fun in New York Harbor


  1. Hi Debby. Great pictures of the urban side of New York. That's a very nice shot of the Pulitzer Fountain, shows it off nicely. I've seen that skyline shot of yours before but don't mind seeing it again. It's absolutely gorgeous. Am puzzling over your third picture, great shot of the skidoo, I can't make out where his other leg is. But it sure looks like fun.

  2. Hi Debby!! Great shots for Baz's theme. Lovely shot of the fountain, not sure if I saw that when I was there. Love your shot of the Manhattan skyline. Looks like the guy is having big fun on the jet-ski.

  3. Thanks, Benni! I don't know! This guy was showing off just off Governors Island, heading past the Statue of Liberty. He was too fast to get a really good shot. It looks like fun but I wouldn't want to try it in NY Harbor!

    Thanks, Mitch!

  4. I always love your photos of NYC, especially the one of the ferry crossing. You have captured the New York skyline perfectly.

  5. hi friend I am a little late in visiting your page but here I am as usual. Lovely skyline of your town, beautiful fountain and the guy in the third pic seems to be enjoying the ride.

  6. Lovely fountain

    Beautiful skyline

    Cool fella