Saturday, 27 September 2014

Picture This #270 ~ Colours Of Fall

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week's challenge. A lovely  theme. It might officially be autumn now but here in the UK the weather is still definately summer-like, so I'm using photos from my archive.

1) Some leaves are still green in autumn, but you can see what time of year it is from the background colours.
Still Green 6

2) Other leaves are already turning colour from green to gold, by way of yellow.
Yellowing 4

3) Here are the leaves in 'full autumn' mode!!
Golden Leaves 1

4) Autumn is a time for reflection......
Reflection Of Autumn


  1. Hi, Mitch. Glad you are having such a great time. What a great set of pictures your first three are, showing the progression of color from green to full on golden. And I do like the contemplative reflections in your last, quietly moody.

  2. wow mitch love the way you did the leaves

  3. Great photos of Autumn Mitch. Here too in Switzerland no great Autumn colours up to now and not even lost leaves. I love the way you caught the suns rays on your leafy photos.

  4. Pretty leaf peeper shots, Mitch. It's not quite leaf peeping season here yet. Up in the 80's today and tomorrow, but cooler nights, thank heavens. I love that last shot of the tree reflected in the water. Very nice!

  5. glorious fallcoloured leaves and peaceful waters reflecting the branches

    1. Autumn is a time to reflect on the changing of the seasons :-))

  6. Awesome shots...all of them, without exception... gorgeous colours and nice contrast in the first, my favourite....

  7. Hi Mitch, I like how you conveyed the idea of Autumn as a time for reflection shown in your last photo. I love the light and shadows on the leaves in your third photo. Some leaves are always the last to change and fall. That is a nice contrast of green and autumn colors in the first image.