Saturday, 20 September 2014

Picture This #269 ~ Near And Far

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A really good theme, with lots of possibilities. I'm going to be away from home for the next week, visiting my folks for a couple of days, then moving on to visit Baz. We'll be spending a few days photographing some of the sights in his area. I'm not going to be online much, but will try to comment on everyone's posts when I can.

1) Ocelot. A shot I took this week at a local wildlife park. 
Ocelot 1

2) Near (tree) and far (mountains) in one shot. 
Wave Goodbye

3) Cusimanse (Dwarf Mongoose). Another shot I took this week.
Cusimanse 1

4) How far to the end of the road?
Desert Road 1


  1. Hi Mitch Looking forward to catching up Monday four awesome shots here I love your wildlife portraits, but the shot of the Mountains and the dean branch is my fav this week ;)

  2. hi mitch very lovely shots I love the first one

  3. Your animal shots are fantastic. I am sure they smile for the camera when they see you. the road to infinity is a great perspective and the branch of the tree looks lik an arm reaching out to the distance

  4. Hi Mitch, hope you are having a great time. That ocelot is a great shot, really beautiful and nicely composed. Love the "near and far" shot, both in one frame. Nice mongoose and you have totally captured the essence of the American desert west with your last shot.

  5. Hi Mitch! Fantastic shots of those animals. They are so perfect that give me the illusion they are not photos but animals in real, specially in the case of Cusimanse shot, obviously my favourite, though that desert road and the two in one shot are really very beautiful...

  6. Mitch, when I viewed the last photo, the film , Forrest Gump comes to mind. That is the scene when Forrest decides he doesn't want to run anymore. I love the composition of this photo. The next photo that I like is the branch with the mountain range in the background. Your American West photos are beautiful. Beautiful captures of the ocelot and the mongoose.

  7. Beautiful capture of the cat

    Majestic mountains

    Cute's the word

    the road goes ever, ever on...

  8. Mitch, your ocelot is fantastic. I'd love to have that one blown up and hanging on my living room wall! And your mongoose! What a sweet face on that little critter! Love, love, love those two!!!

    The tree and mountains are lovely!

    And that road looks like it goes on forever! (I'm hearing the Allman Brothers singing "Midnight Rider" when I look at this one.) Nice shot!