Saturday, 27 September 2014

Picture This #270 ~ Colours Of Fall

Beautiful banner photo of the swallow tail caterpillar Debby.

Sorry to disappoint, but autumn has not yet reached Switzerland. I can count the leaves that have fallen so far. We have sunny days at the moment and my rose decided to flower for the second time this year, so this is not a colour of autumn - taken this week.
six last roses of summer

My Sedum is flowering, one of my favourite plants in autumn. Also a photo from last week.

Some insects just make the most of autumn
3 cool slugs

And this blackbird seemed to be stocking up on food in my garden
Lady blackbird


  1. Thank you, Pat! And thank you for identifying the type for me on FB. Saved me a lot of googling! The last of the roses makes me feel sad! Does it have a nice fragrance? Nice example of the end of summer.

    The sedum is pretty! I love the pinkish/purple hues.

    Yucky slugs!!! But they make for an interesting shot! Did you get down to eye level with them for a close up shot? ;)

    Nice shot of the blackbird...another example of the end of summer here. The only time I see the blackbirds in Prospect Park is the end of September. I saw them at the park yesterday but didn't have my camera with me. Someone (won't mention any names) told me (while we were walking the Highline) that it would be nice if we didn't have to stop every two feet (an exaggeration) for me to take photos, and it broke my heart. So I'm swearing off my camera for a while. We'll see how long it lasts. I'm already itching to get outside with my camera today. It's so pretty out!

    1. One should never be without one's camera. I often get the same complaint about stopping "too often". Hmmph. :-)

    2. We have blackbirds all through the winter. I feed the birds through the winter and they are frequent guests, but they only eat from the ground and never perch on the feeder.
      The slug photos were taken with my telescopic lens from a distance. I cannot bend as I have problem standing again.
      I always have a camera with me. Most embarrassing for Mr. Swiss when I begin to take photos in the supermarket, or he loses me because he walks on and does not realise I found a bird or a worm or something interesting to take a photo of.

  2. Hi Pat! Roses bloom here sometimes in the late part of September and they are so welcome. So does sedum and you have a couple of nice shots. I like the slugs on the apple; we feast so why shouldn't they. Here we have stinging insects on our downed fruit. Cutie pie blackbird with the owl on the side giving it a glance.

  3. Hi Pat all are super love the 2n'd one we still don't have to much fall color but my forsythia is really turning and some pines are also

  4. Utterly lovely shimmering pinks and reds

    Sweet and petite

    Those horrid slugs - salt and vinegar them all!

    I do love Blackbirds

  5. Hi Pat !! It seems that in most places autumn has yet to show it's true colours, but you have some lovely shots nonetheless. It also seems late summer is common for most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, so not surprising the roses are still blooming. Glorious sedum....I saw quite a lot of that still in bloom last week in Baz's area. Those slugs are really enjoying their free apple. Lovely shot of the blackbird....I agree with does look like the owl is watching him (or her).

  6. Four very four shots for this week's theme... love the shot of the slugs...