Saturday, 6 September 2014

Picture This #267 ~ Summer Showcase

Many thanks to Debby for hosting this week. Nice theme!! It's been a poor summer for my photography this year. A combination of the warm sunny days being during the week while I'm at work and getting rain almost every weekend, coupled with illness and back injury, means in the whole of June, July and August, I only got out with my camera twice!!

As such, all my shots this week are taken from the same set, taken at Stackpole Gardens at the end of July.

1) Osteospermum Heart
Osteospermum Heart 2

2) Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan 2

3) Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace 2

4) Gazania Heart
Gazania Heart 3


  1. For just two excurions with the camera, you did very well and captured the highlights of a floral summer. -The light effect iof the gazania is very impressive and the details on the Quuen Anne thing are perfect. I must have a closer look at my osteospermum the next time they flower to capture such good details and that black eyed susan is perfect.

  2. It's not quantity, but quality that counts, right? You've certainly captured some first class, A-1 shots, here.
    I love the Queen Anne's Lace. I've never seen one that color before. The ones here are sort of off white.

  3. Four beautiful macro shots Mitch at which you always excel ;) I agree with Debby the Queen Anne lace is stunning

  4. Truly amazing shot

    Exquisite flower

    Amazing mass of buds

    Utterly lovely

  5. Hi Mitch! Sorry to read about your illness and the lack of opportunities to use your camera this Summer. Anyway, looking at the four awesome shots, I would add what Debby mentioned above 'it's not quantity but quality that counts'... Fabulous shot of the Queen Anne's Lace...

  6. A Black Eye Susan? Loved the pretty pics. Sunflowers r my fav.

  7. Beautiful photos of the flowers. Queen Anne's Lace in the States is white. It sometimes is confused with Yarrow. These photos expand my botanical knowledge. I am not familiar with the first flower, Osteopermum.