Friday, 19 September 2014

Picture This #269 ~ Near And Far

Welcome to Picture This. I am Benni, your host for this week. So many wonderful clouds last week! And a truly dramatic photograph by Nik for our banner.  The theme I selected is Near and Far. Gives you a chance to post anything from macros to people shots to landscapes. You're encouraged to post at least one near shot and one far shot.  But if not, no worries. Here are mine to start out with:

From Florida. It was windy that day and I found some shelter behind the grasses.

Iris maybe
I believe this is a type of Iris.

Flying far inland ahead of a storm.

Enjoy!! Have fun!!


  1. Nice theme, Benni and I love the photos you've chosen. It has been a long time since I've seen a sand dune. It looks so soft and inviting. I'd love to be bounding over it and onto the beach. Feeling sad about saying goodbye to the summer.

    That's a gorgeous macro of the iris. I've never seen one like that before. 'Love it!

    Great shot of the birds in flight over the palm trees!

  2. hi Benni a wonderful theme and love the banner to
    I love the dunes

    if you noticed i also put up a theme but took it down I am on next week read the date wrong sorry

  3. hi benni, ty for posting this new topic. love the drops of water on the flower and the whiteness of that beach.

  4. 3 wonderful photos for the theme. The first is very impressive and the sand so white. Lovely orchid, looks almost like an orchid and the bird flight is a great capture.

  5. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme, with lots of possibilities. Wonderful first shot, beautiful white sands. I could just imagine walking barefoot through it. Lovely Iris in the second shot, I haven't seen one with those particular colours/markings. Great shot of the birds in flight.

    Gonna do some commenting on the other posts, then I'm off to relax :-))

  6. Hi Benni! Super theme for this week... thank you! Three beautiful shots you share on here.... unusual white sand... love to see that human element walking by the seashore... beautiful close-up of that flower... iris or not it's beautiful! Those three birds were like messengers, weren't they?

  7. Hi Benni, Great theme for the week. Sorry that I didn't participate sooner. Wonderful capture of the beach in Florida. Love how the wind formed those patterns in the sand. Resembles snow. Oh, too soon to consider that. Nice shot of the water drops on the iris petals. Nice shot of the birds in flight.

  8. Beautiful beach

    Exquisite flower

    In formation

  9. Many thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I am so glad you liked the pictures and also the theme.