Saturday, 6 September 2014

Picture This #267 ~ Summer Showcase

It wasn't a super Summer in Switzerland, but a good one, although not everything was so perfect.

First of all was the invasion of the slugs, culminating in a marital act
Two slugs mating

Then we had the invasion of the Firebugs

But the Summer was saved by the appearance of a Swallow Tail Butterfly
Swallowtail butterfly

And on a happier note one of my Sedum plantation flowered, which does not often happen.


  1. You certainly had your share of pests this summer, although these are very photogenic pests. I don't envy you the fire ant invasion. What was the outcome, there?

    The slug shot is amazing, even though it makes me feel a little, thinking of the first time I ate escargot! ;p

    Your swallowtail shot is my favorite. Just perfect! Such beautiful light!

    The firebugs are so colorful!

    Pretty Sedum blossom (and ants). I don't think I've ever seen this flower before.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Debby's theme!! I'm not a big fan of slugs, although your shot of them in a lover's embrace is very good!! Those firebugs are fascinating, I love their colours. The butterfly shot is just superb!!! Lovely shot of the Sedum. This must be a different variety to the Sedums I've photographed, which are usually ground-hugging plants. I just had a look online and discovered there are many more varieties than I thought there were!!

  3. lol Pat just like here we had some sun lots of rain everything soggy grrr
    wonderful shots all of them

  4. Horrid things - we have combatted them to extinction in our garden. Doubledozed vinegar and salt does the trick.

    "Oki, fellas, lets huddle and talk tactics."

    Beautiful capture


  5. Fours awesome shots... Love all of them but the first from the top is really fantastic...

  6. Pretty butterfly yet I dislike the other creepy slimy things even though the pics are pretty. Fantastic shots as usual.

  7. Beautiful shots with such clarity. I love the Swallowtail Butterfly. I wouldn't want to have those Firebaugh near me. Interesting capture of the slugs.