Saturday, 13 September 2014

Picture This #268 ~ Cloud Drama

This is my most recent cloud photo over our village, taken this week
Sky over Feldbrunnen

Here another over our garden

We even have clouds over our local station
Clouds over Solothurn Station

This is one from the window when I was a worker
Sunset over Bellach


  1. Utterly lovely vivid blue sky in the first three and irridescent pink/mauve horizon neath darkblue clouds.

  2. Hi Pat. Congrats on your banner picture; that is a lovely capture of a butterfly. Absolutely magnificent.

    I love your cloud pictures. The pine tree in the first one really makes the shot. Beautiful pink in the second and your third looks like a wonderful summer day. The sunset, your last one, is amazing with the streak of orange-yellow and the magenta beneath the slate grey clouds.

  3. Hi Pat!! Great shots for the theme. Nice white fluffies in the first shot (no, not the cat!! LOL). Love the colours picked up by the clouds in the second shot. Clouds can even make a rail-station look good!! Wonderful 'dying embers' in the final shot.

  4. ahhh wonderful especially the last one

  5. Four varied and beautiful examples of magical sky's Pat I really like them all ;)

  6. Love the variety of the skies you share on here, Pat! Each one has its beauty... The last one is my favourite...

  7. Beautiful shots, Pat. Congratulations on the beautiful banner. I love seeing your banner when we open up the page. I wish we could keep this one's so cheery!

    I love the pinky purple clouds over the garden!