Saturday, 20 September 2014

Picture This #269 ~ Near And Far

Wall Street Heliport/far
Far ~ Wall Street Heliport with Brooklyn Bridge in the background
Wall Street Heliport/near
Near ~ Wall Street Heliport
Rainy day at BBG


  1. Hi Debby! Great heliport shots!! And I had hoped you were going to include one of your magnificent caterpillar shots! I think, am not sure, that is a monarch catty, wonderful with the raindrops, fantastic close-up.

  2. Hi Debby!! Excellent shots for Benni's theme. Great shots of the Wall Street heliport. Looks like quite a busy place, going by the second shot. Awesome shot of that big fat caterpillar!!! The raindrops with their tiny images of the background are added awesomeness!!

  3. Hi Debby! Three awesome shots, as always! Interesting to compare the far and the near compositions... both are very good! The last is my first.... wonderful!

  4. omg debbie your last pic is simply gorgeous, bravissima, kisses from italy

  5. Love the shots of the heliport, very interesting. The caterpillar is lovely. We have them mostly on carrot and dill plants, but I believe they likd fennel as well. Last weeks banner picture was of the butterfly result - a swallowtail.

  6. Wonderful city skylines and caterpillar shot