Saturday, 6 September 2014

Picture This #267 ~ Summer Showcase

Hello my fine fellow photographers! I'm Debby Van Enkenvoort and I'll be your host for this week. Thanks Baz, for last week's theme. So many beautiful photos were posted. For this week's theme I thought it would be nice to showcase some of our 2014 summer photos, or if it's not summer where you live, just post something you like from the past couple of months. Make it recent shots, though.

Congratulations to Baz for having his photo chosen for our weekly banner. Beautiful waterfall!

 Here are my three photos to get you started: 

All three of these photos were taken at New York Botanical Garden
in the Bronx.




  1. wonderful Debby love all your pics

  2. Hi Debby a wonderful theme and beautiful images to start us of, I really like them all but the swallow tail Butterfly is stunning, thanks to Mitch for selecting my image for the header its much appreciated ;)

  3. Hi Debby!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Love the theme. I have a thing for botanical gardens, big or small, I'm sure I'd be in heaven visiting that one!! Stunning shot of the lily and the butterfly is wonderful!!

  4. Thanks for hosting Debby and some beautiful photos. hard to believe that NYC can have so much to offer.I particularly like the butterfly.

  5. Thanks, Baz, Mitch and Pat.

    Mitch, this place is so amazing! You'd love it. I can't wait to go back again! I'll wait for the fall colors before my next trip. They have a nice forested area there, so I've read. We only spent a couple of hours there, and I could have stayed all day, despite the heat. Maybe the next time you come over to see Joanne we can all get together for a photo shoot.

  6. Deb I answered all your questions on my contributions okay thanks again for a cool theme

  7. Fabulous plethora of colours and white/lightblue dome.

    Exquisite flower

    Marvellous capture

  8. Thanks, Debby, for the nice theme, very well illustrated by your three awesome shots. Botanical Gardens are endless sources for a variety of shots. Yours do justice to the Botanical Garden in Bronx borough of NY city....

  9. Great photos, Debby. The Botanical Gardens must be beautiful. I still have to make it a destination to visit. I love the capture of the butterfly.