Saturday, 6 September 2014

Picture This #267 ~ Summer Showcase

Hi all I hope you had a good week? Thanks to Mitch for selecting my shot for the header this week much appreciated. Thanks also to Debby for a great theme.

Its been a wonderful Summer in the UK and I have taken so many shots it was hard to know where to start LOL! In the end I opened a with shots I had taken and used already this summer and selected from them I hope you like my choices have a great weekend.

View from Durlston Head 
P8105729 copy

P6108989 copy

Corfe Castle from East Hill
P8105649 copy

Dawn over the River Avon
P4147952 copy


  1. Hi Baz!! Fabulous shots for Debby's theme!! Lovely scenery in the first shot. Stunning shot of the poppy, such clarity!! Marci still doing her 'crazy-dance' in the third shot. LOL. The last shot is just awesome, I so love those misty morning shots.

  2. A lovely cross section of photos of England., each with its own charm. I particularly like the dawn on the River Avon.

  3. Gorgeous choices for the theme, Baz.

    Such a wonderful shot of the coastline...beautiful composition, balance of land, water, sky...and those glorious clouds. There's something about clouds that makes you think "God's in his heaven, and all's right with the world". (Robert Browning)

    That poppy is just a young girl all dressed up for the prom!

    I LOVE the shot of the castle, but Marci really makes this photo. I just love her whole attitude. (What's this about a crazy dance??? there must be a story behind this!)

    In The River Avon you captured the most amazing combination of sunlight and mist. I love the peachy/ orange/ yellow/ gold shades.

  4. utterly lovely gently pastel colours.

    Exquisite flower

    Beautiful panoramic backdrop

    Utterly lovely impressionist golden mist over the lakescape.

  5. Hi Baz! I love all your photos, as always, but that of the Poppy is my favourite... beautiful colour, amazing detail..

  6. River Avon I loved the most though all shots were fantastic.

  7. Hi Baz, these are lovely photos. I love them all. The photo of the River Avon is my favorite. I love the warm golden tones in it. I like the view from East Hill with the castle ruins. The woman in the photo adds the human element.