Saturday, 13 September 2014

Picture This #268 ~ Cloud Drama

Water in air, clouds are never the same twice. I love this theme and will put up some pictures that I may not have shown before.

Caspersen Beach, Florida

Diving pelican
Late afternoon, the pelicans can see the fish.

Here in Michigan, clouds are warning me to walk a bit faster towards home.


  1. The first is magic the way the light is caught on the clouds. The diving pelican or whatever is perfect with the background, a fantastic shot. The storm clouds in the third photo are very impressive.

  2. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for this week's theme. I really like how the line of clouds in the first shot are picking up the colour from the sun, they are like an echo of the line of rocks in the foreground. Wonderful second shot, excellent capture of the pelican about to dive!! Yes, it does look like rain is on the way in that last shot.

  3. hi Benni wonderful love clouds and they say so much yours are wonderful

  4. Utterly lovely shimmering orange strain n the powderblue sky and gently rippling lightblue waters.

    Beautiful capture of the cormorant in mid-dive into the coboltine waters.

    Beautiful and dramatic sky and irridescent greens and yellows of the field.

  5. Fabulous captures Benni your third shot really draws my eye, Beautiful ;)

  6. Hi Benni! Three beautiful skies showing different clouds. Love them all but that of the pelican is my favourite. Hope he has had a good meal....

  7. Wow! Gorgeous shots, Benni! I love them all. The capture of the pelican in flight over the water is fantastic. I love the silhouette against the sky. Pretty peachy clouds in the first and the last is my favorite. I would love to be walking there! What a pretty place!