Saturday, 13 September 2014

Picture This #268 ~ Cloud Drama

Hi all, First congrats to Pat for a stunning image used for the header. Thanks also to Mitch for another great theme, I have been spending a lot of time this summer "playing" with clouds, so this will be fun.

Here are the shots I selected for this weeks theme:

View over Swanage Bay from Durlstone Head, Dorset, England.
P8105729 copy

Poole Harbour at Dusk
Z0220733 copy

Friends on Boscombe Pier

Harvest Time in the Dorset Hills
P8231099 copy


  1. Beautiful irridescent blue sky with its fluffy cottony clouds and shimmering greenishblue sea.

    Beautiful brilliant diamondwhite sun in its paleyellow halo and shimmering brass ripples in the canal.

    Utterly lovely brilliant golden lavaglow sun and irridescent topaz mist in the sky and glittering golden sheen on the gently rippling sea.

    Beautiful blue sky and ocra field.

  2. Beautiful photos and I love the second and third shots the best.

  3. Hi Baz!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! Lovely white clouds in a blue sky in the first and fourth shots, so typically English in scenery. The Poole Harbour shot is beautiful, but the one of Boscombe Pier is just awesome. Fantastic quality of light!!

  4. Tremendous shots, Baz, wonderful clouds and seascapes. My favorite is the golden light of the friends on the pier. The lamp is wonderful especially and grabs my interest.

  5. Some wonderful cloud shots, altmost like paintings. Doesn't england have lovely scenery.

  6. Hi Baz! Awesome variety of beautiful skies.... love them all but the third from the top is my favourite shot...

  7. Hi Baz, these are a great collection of beautiful skies. I love the color in all of them. The photo of Poole Harbor at Dusk is like a painting.

  8. Beautiful photos, Baz! My favorite is the golden glow over the pier.