Saturday, 2 November 2013

Picture This #224 ~ Quirky

Good idea Danette, Switzerland can be quite quirky now and again.

This might look quirky, but not such a rarity in Switzerland. It is custom in Autumn to sell these onion platts (also with garlic) on the Autumn markets. There is a Bernese Onion market where they are sold with all sorts of onions in all colours.

Onion platt

This is the war memorial for the first world war in Solothurn. It seems there was a little disconcern when first shown, but we have kept it and the poor man still freezes in the snow and ice in Winter with only his sword to keep him warm.
1st World War Memorial, Solothurn
Seen on the monthly market in Solothurn, Switzerland
Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn


  1. Cool shot of the onions. Wonderful statue and terrific cat dolls.

  2. Italians do that too with our onions and garlic. That is a beautiful shot with the rich russet tones. A very graceful and dignified capture of the war memorial. My favorite is your adorable cats. They are just wonderful. I would buy one very quickly.

  3. I have seen garlic and hot peppers strung up too. It is rather convenient I think? That is a very quirky statue for a War Memorial...his sword looks dangerously close...oh never mind. I am sure those quirky cats have a purpose but I am not sure what it is?

  4. Hi Pat!! Three great shots for the theme. I have seen these onion-plaits in some markets here in the UK, too. Considering how cold steel can get, I don't think the sword would be that much of a comfort to the man in the war memorial. Cute and quirky cat dolls in the third shot :-))

  5. hi pat, onions and garlic are sold like that in italy too in this period of the year. cool pics of cats too

  6. Onions, garlic and red peppers are sold like that in Portugal but only at markets. Love those cats. It would be difficult to select only one out of all of them-

  7. I love the shot of the onions. They are beautifully detailed. What makes it striking is the blurred background. The photo of the cats in the market are lovely. Good job on all three.