Friday, 29 November 2013

Picture This #228 ~ Natural Or Urban Decay

Hi all, bAZ in the seat this week, thanks to Mitch for the invitation. Congratulations to Anders for a wonderful image selected as the header.

For the theme this week I tried for something we had never selected before, something a little out of the box!

So for this weeks theme I have chose "Natural and Urban Decay" LOL, have fun with it!!!!!!I selected these images to get the theme started, but you do not need to follow my lead, be creative and lets see some real imagination used this week;)

Have a wonderful weekend;)


1: This old house, Society Hill, South Carolina USA

2: Decay in the Forest, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire England.

3: Rotting and Forgotten deep in the Forest. Hampshire England.


  1. Hi Baz!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! This'll be a bit of a challenge, methinks, but I'm sure everyone will find something suitable. I'll be posting mine Saturday morning. I wonder what tales that house in the first shot could tell? Great shot of the fabulous fungi in the second shot!! I wonder what that shed in the last shot was used for? Now long forgotten.

  2. Beautiful in its decrepitude - the two buildings.

    Cool fungal formation

  3. Thanks for hosing Baz with an interesting theme. Love the first and third, good examples of decaying decay. Those mushrooms appear everywhere as soon as something starts to go mouldy.

  4. hi baz,cool pics. did you take those mushrooms to prepare a risotto? lol

  5. stunning photos Baz...for some reason I love decaying things...a little morbid if you think about it LOL

  6. Marvelous theme!! Congrats, Anders, on your banner. Wow, do I ever love those mushrooms! The houses are great too - sad to see them in disrepair.

  7. Nice to have you hosting this week's challenge and your choice of theme pleases me a lot, though I don't have many photos that fit it. Fantastic how you could turn decay into beauties, which I love them all.