Saturday, 9 November 2013

PT CCXXV ~ Patterns In Nature

Taken on a visit to the northern rocky beach of our village.

Taken one cold morning down at the beach near the party field.

Taken on a visit to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, nw Scania.


  1. Hi Anders!! Three good shots for Marianne's theme. I like the patterns on the rock in the first shot. Good second shot, don't often see frozen seawater here, but I guess it's more common over there. Interesting pattern on the tree-bark in the third shot.

  2. Anders, your top picture is so wonderful!! I love the way you have so many elements and how they blend together. Rocks, sand, seaweed and hardy green plants. Beautiful. The rocks in cold water are lovely and so is the tree truck with moss, looking much like trees we've seen in Canada by Superior.

  3. Interesting patterns from interesting places

  4. The rocks on the beach are very pretty, Anders. Such beautiful patterns. I would have wanted to caryy several home with me if I had been there.

    I like the greenish tint to the tree bark in your last shot.

  5. Lover your three shots, Anders! The tree bark is my favourite... a feel of abstract that I really like...

  6. Beautiful shots, Anders. I see you are also a rock and wood fan. I love tree bark and tree stumps and rocks are a firm favorite of mine. Problem is my pockets can only carry so many treasures home.

  7. Those patterns are all beautiful Anders.