Sunday, 10 November 2013



Love the delicate pattern these make
 photo DSC01976.jpg

Such a simple weed but such a beautiful pattern  photo 42e6691c-64db-4d73-80f2-678c534ac5f2.jpg

In nature this is one of my fav patterns  photo 439a3db2-8b83-4d58-a342-585603619f35.jpg

The patterns in the desert are breath taking  photo 283a1f79-e836-47ae-a78e-e82870e4808b.jpg

The patterns in nature are infinite  photo 883b4f82-41c0-40af-9319-bae58cc19bc5.jpg


  1. Hi Heidi!! Wonderful photos for Marianne's theme!! The Nigella flowers in the first shot are one of my favourites to photograph, although I have never seen white ones before, they are usually a pale blue colour. Nice shot of the dandelion seeds in the second photo. Great third shot of the Nautilus, one of the stranger-looking sea creatures!! Lovely shot of the Grand Canyon in your fourth photo and nice colourful flowers to finish with :-))

  2. All so beautiful, but the first one is especially nice. The white and green look like lace.

  3. Wonderful captures all, Heidi. Thank you so much for taking part, I know you are still jet lagged from your trip, good you are back home safe and sound.

    The Dandelion seed pots are one of my favorites too, but I have never managed a decent shot. The man tends to mow them down, even though he knows I let them grow especially for their leaves which I love in salads and for health juices. We have a permanent war going on here, with regards to what is weeds. I have threatened to pull out every single stupid rose bush of his, if he don't leave my herbal patch , which he regards as invasive weeds, alone. :-(

  4. Pretty and wonderful dainty flowers. Beautiful dandelion ball. Sweet little shell. Impressive mountain vista.
    Beautiful colours

  5. Wonderful shot of the Nigella, Heidi. It's such a pretty plant.

    Love the dandelion. It has a fascinating pattern. I can't tell you how many times I plucked them up as a child (and even now) to examine them.

    The chambered nautilus has a beautiful spiral pattern. It's a shame it is extant, or rapidly becoming so.

    The desert photo is wonderful.

    The flower is very pretty. Do you know the name?

  6. Great shooting Heidi. The top one is my favourite.