Friday, 1 November 2013

Picture This #224 ~ Quirky

This is Danette, your hostess for challenge # 224. For this week's theme, I have chosen Quirky (odd, unusual, eccentric).  I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Enjoy! Congratulations on the banner Benni! Very pretty!

My selections were all taken in our quirky little town of Wilmington, North Carolina:

Feet Planters

A Giant Whirligig (outside the local art museum)

The Wiener Mobile  


  1. Hi Danette!! Many thanks for hosting this week. I really like your theme, it'll be interesting to see what folks come up with!! Will get my thinking cap on for this :-))

    Love your three quirky shots. Something's a-foot in Wilmington in that first shot!! Cool whirlygig in the second shot. I bet it's fun to see all the parts moving when the wind blows. The Wienermobile is a hoot, but it must be hell to drive!!

  2. Hi Danette, your choice of theme is very good but I took time to find suitable photos in my folders...
    Your three photos are really interesting. How big the two feet are! I like how they are used for... I wonder that whirlygig, very unusual indeed, sounds as the wind blows... I'm not sure I would like to drive that Wiener mobile... very cool design...

  3. Planting footsie.

    Cool contraption.

    LOL!! wonderful

  4. A great theme Danette and awesome captures;)

  5. Hi, Danette! Great theme and I have had a picture just waiting for it. Love your blue shoe planters. They set off the green perfectly. The whirligig is fascinating and I have always wanted to ride in the Weiner Mobile.

  6. From feet to a sausage car with a whirligig in between, three very quirky shots

  7. hi danette very nice theme. your first pic is quirky indeed, lol

  8. Hi Danette, when I saw the first image of the huge feet it reminded me that I have a similar image to share. I enjoy all three of your shots for this theme.

  9. HI Danette, sorry for being so late, was away for the weekend. Quirky ? I did not even know the meaning of the word, so had fun looking it up. The Urban Dictionary is actually very quirky with their explanation. LOL

    Hopefully back now now, as sure must have something strange, unusual, but cool. *winks*