Saturday, 2 November 2013

Picture This #224 ~ Quirky

Hi all I hope you all had a great week;) A great theme from Danette, thank you;) 

Its not actually a theme that fits well with my style of photography, so my selection may be a little "out of the box" LOL;)

Here are my contributions this week my interpretation of quirkiness LOL .

Coquilles d'Escargot:

I tool this shot for another group on Facebook this morning, I thought it was kind of Quirky LOL?Z0024472

Curious Horse! LOL, great memories of Mitch's visit this summer. I am not sure who was more curious Mitch or this "Quirkey" Horse who ended up almost eating Mitch's camera!

Shadowing the Ducks!

I took this shadow on the wall shot years ago at the last house I lived at "Quirky" always comes to mind when I look at it!


  1. Hi Baz!! Good to see you taking part again. Three great shots for the theme. That first shot made me wonder about much did you have to shell out for them?? LOL. Had to laugh at that second shot. Not sure if he'd have eaten my camera, but he certainly would have left a big nose-print on the lens!! Cool duck-shadows in the last shot :-))

    1. Hahahaaa..Shell Out ... Great wording... LOL..

      Love the Shadows of the ducks... Now I need to figure out how to add stuff on here.. I am a fake blonde.. does that make a difference?? Hahaaa

  2. Wonderful shot of the shells.

    "Say Cheese!"

    Wonderful shadowplay.

  3. Great out of the box thinking, you are quirkier than you think my friend! Are the shells before or after cooking? :) The middle shot is my favorite...just love photographers taking photos of photographers and the subject is fun! Are those ducks in the shadows?

  4. Thanks Danette, you keep the shells and just buy the snails lol;) The ducks are wooden ones on the window sill lol;)

  5. Wow, Barry, really fabulous shells. I love shells and sometimes it is difficult to show them off properly but you have given them a wonderful treatment. Love the shot of Mitch and the (hungry?) horse. And the shadow birds make a fascinating capture. Wonderful color too.

  6. Love all three shots, each one has something special.

  7. I really like your out of box thinking.... All the three are my favourites...

  8. These are great shots. I like the shot of Mitch with the horse. I was wondering if the horse was thinking Mitch was offering him food. The shells are fabulous.