Saturday, 16 November 2013

Picture This #226 ~ Alphabet Soup

Thanks for hosting Debby - At my age 26 choices are almost too much, so I went for A, B and C

No. 1 taken last week in my garden - Autumn

Autumn in Garden

They rebuilt part of the underground entrance to our station in Solothurn and moved the shops and restaurant to above ground level. It was converted into a bicycle park.

I was in Solothurn yesterday afternoon and took some photos. This is from the main street showing the Solothurn Cathedral
St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn


  1. I love your autumn shot, pat. Such pretty colors!

    That bicycle park is amazing. I think they must use bikes there much more than in NY, but it is becoming increasingly popular here. We have Citibike rentals all over NYC, now. I've yet to try one. If they put one of their bike stations in front of Prospect Park they would make a small fortune, from me, at least. I don't know the streets well enough here but a ride around the park would be just the ticket.

    I see there are several bikes in your cathedral shot, too. I would love to explore Solothurn and the surrounding countryside by bike.

    The cathedral is just gorgeous. Do you have photos of the inside as well?

  2. The trees in your autumn shot are beautiful, almost lacy. It's such a lovely blend. Nice angles in the bicycle park and a marvelous picture of the Solothurn Cathedral. I am always a bit envious of the Europeans and your picturesque old buildings. Here it seems like we tear everything down as soon as it shows a bit of age. Anyway, it's a very nice capture of a peaceful place.

  3. Hi Pat !! Three great shots for Debby's theme. I really love those autumn colours in the first shot, a lovely combination of yellows, oranges and reds. Wow, that bicycle park is impressive!! I didn't realise cycling was so popular in Switzerland. This is something I'd expect to see in the Netherlands. Solothurn cathedral is a fine example of classic architecture.

  4. Very impressionistic and beautiful

    Bikes galore

    Terrific shot of the street.

  5. Very good choice of photos, Pat! Nice autumn foliage in your garden...

  6. hi Pat good pics you chose for this strange soup. ciao ciao