Sunday, 24 November 2013

Picture This #227 ~ Holiday Party Time

First of all congratulations Benni for the wonderful banner and Heidi thanks for hosting. Like Mitch I do not have such a selection of holiday photos. I do not really do Christmas, just for the others, and decorations are at a minimum. Also it seems I have already shown them all here over the years, so I will be digging around for something else.

My first photo was more coincidence. I was in town and they were hanging up the Christmas lights, so I took the first photo probably of the finished product on this house.

Christmas Lights in Solothurn

The main square in Solothurn, Switzerland at Christmas
Main Square, Solothurn, Christmas 2008

Here is last year's Christmas Tree outside our local supermarket. The snow is genuine.
Christmas Tree outside Migros Langendorf 2


  1. great Pat these are all wonderful--I don't do much either but I love to photograph Basel or in Elsass so many pretty things
    thanks for shots

  2. lovely photos full of Xmas spirit. ciao Pat

  3. Hi Pat !! Three great shots for the theme, despite not being a Christmas person :-)) It must have cost a small fortune to put all those lights on the house in the first shot. Lovely shot of Solothurn at Christmas. Beautiful shot of the snow-covered tree.

  4. We have those lightcables on facades too during the winter light festival in my hometown.

    Beautiful xmas tree. and love the snowcovered one too.

  5. Pat, I love your first photograph. The lights look like flakes of snow coming down. The square of Solothurn is lovely and the supermarket Xmas tree is beautiful with real snow and white lights.

  6. Three beautiful shots, Pat! The first one is particularly beautiful....