Thursday, 7 November 2013

Picture This #224 ~ Quirky

I see sights all the time, but now that I am working to pull some together I am coming up a bit dry. SO here is a couple from the past and not so past.

big bike
This one even made me feel small. Big foot around here somewhere?

It is the mountain Silly!

This last one I still like for the color.


  1. LOL that IS a BIG bike! Makes me wonder why? I like that head shot :) Green garden clogs I'm guessing.
    Three fun photos!

  2. LOL!! that is one huge bike. Crowning glory :D. Goliath's shoes?

  3. Hi Randall !! Three great shots for the theme. That sure is one big bike in the first shot, you'd need a ladder just to get on it. Has the mountain or the man got the whiter top? LOL. Is that a new way to hide foot-odour in the third shot? :-))

  4. Wow, what a fabulous shot of that bike!!!! Like the mountain and the head, and the garlic in the croc sandals is a fave! For the reason you mention.

  5. Big bike is really something different. We have mountains in Switzerland as well but everything is bigger in the States. As for the clogs, I have the same in pink (for gardening) but without the garlic.