Saturday, 16 November 2013

PT CCXXVI ~ Alphabet Soup

Terrific banner!! Wonderful innovative theme by you also, Debby.

A as in Altar

B as in Boar

C as in Canon


  1. Hi Anders!! Three great photos for Debby's theme. Lovely altar in the first shot. That guy in the second shot looks a bit boared (bored, geddit? LOL ). Great shot of the cannon in the third shot.

  2. Thanks mitch. - indeed he does LOL!!

  3. Something completely different. Interesting photo of the altar, the boar says let me out for a better photo (although perhaps a little dangerous) and a Swedish canon (who were you fighting?)

    1. Thanks, Pat. it was taken w my cell - I had neve been inside that church. Ive used it for the IAW 76 (it said Whatchoo lookin' at?). I dont think it was ever fired in anger and mostly in ceremonies.

  4. Hi Anders, that altar and art work is lovely. The brick gives it a warm, homey feeling, like a hearth. That's a good feeling to have when one is going down on their knees to pray. Who is the art work by? do you know?

    The boar looks like an old- timer. He has gray whiskers! Nice shot.

    The canon is a nice historical piece. Is that a military museum in the background?

    1. The altar was made in the 15th Century - I looked it up - no record of the maker.

      Im very pleased with it.

      The building is the messhall of the Third Artillery Regiment.

  5. Lovely altar, looks old and opulent. The boar is my favorite, he has a charming look to him. Also a nice shot of the cannon.