Saturday, 16 November 2013

Picture This #226 ~ Alphabet Soup

Hi! I'm Debby and I'll be your host for this week.

The theme this week is all about letters. I'd like for you to choose 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet and find a photo for each letter. Such as J, K, L might be jewelry, kite, lake. O, P, Q might be ocean, policemen (lol, yes, I have photographs of policemen. You see them by the droves in NYC) and Quartz. I hope you'll have fun with this.

Here's my three. I chose D, E, F as my letter sequence:

Dogs & dog walkers at Prospect Park

Eatery at Times Square ~ Ellen's Stardust Diner
The wait staff here sing show tunes while you are dining. This guy was singing "Copacabana". 
 It's a really fun place!!

Frozen figure of Triton 
Baily Fountain at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
 Ffrozen fountain


  1. Thanks for choosing my photo for this week's header, Mitch!

  2. Hi Debby!! Many thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Cool idea for a theme, I likes it!! Great first photo, looks like there's plenty of potential for lots of leashes getting tangled up into all sorts of knots!!! LOL. That place in the second shot looks like a lot of fun, although you'd hope they have a good sense of balance. You could end up with a waiter in your soup!!! Love the frozen statue in the third shot.

  3. Congrats on the wall hanging. LOL Nice shot for sure. Now for your theme, hmmmm got to work on this one some.

  4. Love your three Debby. A great theme.

  5. Hi, Deb! Glad to see you hosting this week's Challenge... excellent choice of theme!!!! Awesome trio of shots. I love them all but the Dogs and Dog Walkers is my favourite... very beautiful autumn light, different breeds of dogs and the composition in its whole is wonderful...

  6. Love all them dogs.

    LOL!! Hope he didnt topple over.

    Impressive statue - beautiful ice blanket.

  7. Three beautiful captures and congrats on the Header Debby and also an oops from me I did not come read your page first before I posted my letters are not consecutive and I dont have time to do it again sorry;)

  8. Your banner photo imposed me when I first saw it. It is lovely how you caught the sky through the branches. the dog parks are really unique in the States, a lovely opportunity for good photos. What an interesting restaurant that must be an a very good capture. Love the freezing angle on Triton

  9. Hi, Debby! That is a fabulous picture up top. Well deserved congratulations. And I do like the theme; gives me a chance to use a photo I had no real place for.

    Love the dog park, I bet the dogs love it. The middle picture is quintessential New York, where else, and you have captured it brilliantly. Frozen Triton looks cold and the contrasting textures are wonderful.

  10. The dogs are not at a dog park, per se. This is Prospect Park. This is Central Park's rival and designed by the same architects, Olmstead and Vaux. Prospect Park was their masterpiece. They also designed Grand Army Plaza which in essence, is the main entrance to the park. The figure on the fountain is part of GAP.

    It has off leash hours early in the morning and late in the evening. Some of these dog walkers are amazing. They can keep up with several dogs off leash in a very large area. Real dog whispers, I think.

  11. hi debby, wonderful shots. The fountain is precious, it's something we never see in this part of the world, sigh.