Sunday, 10 November 2013

Picture This #225 ~ Patterns In Nature

Baby zebra at Great Adventure Safari Park

A giraffe, also at Great Adventure Safari Park IMG_0082

The Grand Canyon IMG_2388

Nature's blend of color IMG_0064

Skin pattern IMG_2282


  1. Zebras and giraffes have a wonderful pattern.

    beautiful mountain vista and flower


  2. Hi Honey!! Love all your shots for Marianne's theme. Cute little zebra foal. Looks like the giraffe is coming over to check see if you have food with you. Wonderful take of the Grand Canyon, happy memories :-)) Lovely purple flower. I remember that scaly dude in the last shot!!

  3. Wonderful! The baby zebra is my favorite, she is adorable. And a very nice angle on the lizard. Great shots all.

  4. Lovely shots, Joanne. That foal is tooo cute. The giraffe looks like he is contemplating eating your camera LOL, looks like Big Boy when on the war path. Love the patterns in the canyon, the delicate patterns and colours of the wild flower, but that scaly dude is the star of this show. "here is me looking at you" Thank you for taking part. *smile*

  5. Love the zebra. I think it's the finest example of patterns in nature that there could possibly be. That giraffe would have to be a close second, though.

    The Grand Canyon is magnificent!

    I love the color of the azalea. Very pretty!

    That lizard shot is fantastic!

  6. Fantastic shooting Joanne. Love them all.