Saturday, 30 November 2013

Picture This #228 ~ Natural Or Urban Decay

Lovely banner picture, something completely different.

Things do not really decay in Switzerland, they are pulled down and rebuilt or renovated, or put under monument conservation, but will see what I have in my archives.

Yesss, a walk into town a week or so ago, and I saw this so took a photo. The leaves of brown came tumbling down

Autumn Leaves
I am definitely sure that the mouse was dead and had started to decay when I took the photo, after Bobinette the neighbour's cat had finished with it. I think she was deciding whether to eat it or not.
Bobinette and the mouse
This used to be a thriving cemetary, as far as cemetaries thrive. Two generations of my mother's family were buried here and I often visited with her when I was a kid. At some time it was sold, the graves dug up and left. It is Woodgrange Cemetary near East Ham in London. I visited and this is part of what remains.
Woodgrange Park Cemetery


  1. hi Pat you sure live in a country where decay is almost impossible to find. I remember the swiss towns all clean and immaculate. ciao

  2. Hi Pat !!! Three great shots for Baz's theme!! I was expecting more shots of autumn leaves on the ground, but your first photo seems to be the only one so far!! Love the colours. Bobinette looks unsure as to exactly one does with a dead mouse. Perhaps Nera might care to explain. It's sad to see a graveyard neglected like this.

    1. This is just the old part of the graveyard still standing. The rest has been turned into a muslim cemetary.

  3. I love these great takes on the theme;)

  4. The cemetery picture is fascinating! I like how you have captured it, especially that you took it on a sunny day which contrasts with the subject. Nice job.

  5. Three great takes for Baz's theme. Abandoned tombstones at cemeteries always make me feel a bit depressed but they a sad reality...

  6. Three diverse takes on the theme...I like those piles of leaves. Poor little mouse (better dead than in your house)...great cemetery shot :)

  7. Wonderful photos, Pat! I see some evergreen branches in with those leaves. What is the round thing to the left side of the photo?

    I love Bobinette! She's so pretty. And a mighty hunter, too. Every house needs a good mouser. She's a credit to her neighborhood!

    The cemetery is very interesting. Was there ever a "rubbing" craze like there was here in the US?

  8. Pat, these are good shots for the theme. They are diverse. You wrote an interesting comment about Switzerland that nothing is left to decay. You wrote about the leaves of brown come tumbling down. Those are some of the lyrics from an old song about Autumn. Bobinette seems to be pondering over her meal. More than likely if it was a fresh kill, she would devour it.The tombstones in the empty graveyard is a haunting scene. Had you changed this to black and white it could be more dramatic.