Saturday, 9 November 2013

Picture This #225 ~ Patterns In Nature

Busy busy busy today - but never too busy for Picture This!!

Interesting Florida plant

My front garden, Checkered Lily

Palm Frond

The rakers are here to get the leaves off the yard and roof; they need a bit of supervision. I will be back soon to look at everyone's pictures.


  1. Beautiful shot of the bulbs.¨

    Lovely flower.

    Intricate natural structure

  2. They are all so very good. the patterns of nature play wonderful games with our eyes.

  3. Hi Benni !! Three fabulous choices for this week's theme!! I love that first one. Really unusual plant. The fruit looks like a dried corn-cob on the outside and a pomegranate on the inside!! The 'Checkered Lily' is beautiful. I've never seen one over here, Cool palm frond to finish :-))

  4. Benni, these are beautiful! great shots!

  5. Benni, thanks for spending a while for PT despite your busy life. I wouldn't see your three wonderful shots, otherwise...

  6. Fantastic captures, Benni. I love your eye for the unusual. Please please please can you post me some seeds from that first plant, I will swop you for anything in my garden, you want? The Lily is exquisite, I have never seen one patterned like that, the man will be so jealous and will demand a bulb of that too. I also took pictures of the palm fronds in my garden for this, so difficult in the end to choose. I have recently been able to send quite a few cuttings, seeds and small succulents to my mother and aunt in Denmark, I am getting quite sneaky at it too. Inbox me your postal address over on FB, please. ((( )))

    1. Marianne, I have no idea what that plant is. I only saw it once, in a garden when I was walking. Many people in Florida bring plants up from the islands or South America. I don't think it is native. I wish I could send you some seeds.

  7. Bet the birds like the first one Benni and that lily is stunning.