Saturday, 9 November 2013

Picture This #225 ~ Patterns In Nature

Thanks for hosting Marianne - not always easy with a stress life, but a good subject. I too am busy at the moment and have to make time for my entries. As my first love is writing, I have left the photo sites a little on one side at the moment as I do not have the time to comment as much as I would, and thanks for the extras, but 3 photos are more than enough for me. I have a father problem, which I am doing my best to solve at a distance, luckily my twin cousins are helping. I might disappear suddenly to England, but I hope not this year. Wait and see.

Anyhow here are the photos of the Swiss team

Even the toad loves patterns
Mr. Toad

Can you see it? Tabby is quite proud of the MacDonalds "M" on her forehead
Close to Tabby

Introducing a pumpkin from the neighbour's garden


  1. Love the toad. You really got the texture of the skin well captured. The pumpkin is beautiful as well. What fascinates me the most is the pattern on kitty's head. My kitty has a similar pattern. When she is asleep, the pattern make it look like her eyes are open. Have you ever noticed the same with your cat? I wonder if I am going off on a flight of fancy or if it is something common to cats. At any rate, a fine picture.

  2. I LIKE the patterns in the toad, But I LOVE Tabby and her patterns. Both great shots! That pumpkin is so bright. Amazing color!

  3. Beautiful and hideous at the same time. A tame tiger. Lovely pumpkin.

  4. Three very good patterns... great choice!
    Hope your father gets better soon...

  5. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Marianne's theme. Mr Toad certainly has an interesting skin pattern!! Does that marking mean that she should really be called McTabby?? LOL. Good pumpkin pattern in the third shot.

  6. Wow, Pat I simply adore your Toad. He is absolutely drop dead gorgeous handsome. Now if I was younger and if I didn't already have the prince of my dreams, I would try kiss him. *winks*

    Does McDonalds in Switzerland serve tuna? Hugs and smooches to Tabby, Miss Mousie waves a royal hello, she misses her Multiply friends.

    What a wonderful pumpkin. Do you think maybe your neighbour would mind parting with some seeds, when she has eaten the pumpkin, I cannot get that variety here and am dying to try and grow it.

    1. I could send you some seeds over - you can get them here in any supermarket - just let me know

  7. I would love some seeds, Pat. Will inbox my details to you over on Facebook and whatever I can send you, in return??

  8. That is the first real toad I have ever seen and it is U-G-L-E-Y. Yik! Awesome shot though Pat. Of course beautiful Tabby is the best and that pumpkin has made me think of food. Good shooting.