Sunday, 3 February 2013

Picture This 185: Lynda's Dusk To Dawn

Saturday, 2 February 2013

PICTURE THIS 185: From Dusk To Dawn hosted by Baz

Photo #1 was taken in camp during one of our trips to the Carson National Forest in New Mexico.  I was really proud of how this photo came off the camera to the computer.  Camera was on a tripod as I waited for it to rise above the mountain. 

DSC_8300 copy 2

Photo #2 was taken a few days ago before sunrise.  I had been watching the moon from the house and decided to brave the cold and take some quick hand held shots before the sun rose.

_DSC2050 copy 2

Photo #3 was taken just for "Picture This".  Camera was on the dawn/dusk automatic scene setting.  All  I have to do is open the front door, step outside, quickly click, and back inside before I get cold.  I waited until the "jet trail" was in just the right spot before I took the photo.

_DSC2437 copy 2


  1. you should be proud they are all gorgeous!

  2. WOW ... some truly great shots .... love the windmill one ...

  3. I have got to say the bottom one is stunning Lynda. Love the other two as well, especially the moon one which still looks to be shining a bit.

  4. Hi Lynda!! Three fabulous shots for Baz's theme. Wonderful moon-rise in the first shot and great early morning shot of the windmill. The colours in the final shot are just fabulous!!

  5. Beautiful Moonshots.

    Serene and wonderful windmill one

    Utterly lovely sunset.

  6. Three great photos. Love the one of the windmill which we do not see so much in that style in Europe.

  7. Great shots! The moon in the first is just magnificent.