Friday, 15 February 2013

Picture This 187 ~ Hues of Blue

Hello everyone, this is Danette (dp) and I am your hostess this week. For the challenge I have chosen Hues of Blue. Anything that has at least one shade of blue in the picture will work (more than one shade of blue is even better)! Below are my three interpretations of the theme. Have fun selecting yours!

My first photo is my youngest grandson: 

 photo 6f695a53-54b0-45b6-b3b2-999107bae033_zps8ca2148d.jpg
Blue Eyes

The second is a lake near by home that is swampy and usually looks black, however in this photo the water looks blue due to the reflection of the sky: 

 photo 0ccb7561-56b9-4359-a932-2611f187107b_zps71ddacf0.jpg
Blue Deception

The last photo has a little less blue than the first two

 photo a7aa3e34-7a68-4205-8af0-3ec5a86b4418_zps5f6113ca.jpg
Antique Blue


  1. I bet there will be lots of different takes on this theme. Will see what I have.

  2. I love this theme! Blue is everywhere so I think it is an inspired choice. Your grandson's eyes are wonderful and reflect his little blue pants. I love the blue pond and the spider web catching the light. So many blues in your last one, and so much interest.

    Thanks, Mitchy, for using my bowl as photo of the week!

  3. Hi Danette!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Great choice of theme, lots of possibilities!! Cute shot of your grandson, he seems to be saying "Hey, am I on Picture This??" LOL. Love that second shot, looks like a gator might go past at any moment :-)) Cool third shot. Rack 'em up!! I have loads of 'blue' shots, the problem will be deciding which ones to use!!

    1. Thanks for allowing me to host. I am excited by the theme, I think everyone will have the same problem...which ones to post?!

  4. Your grandson is so cute but I really like that last photo the best. Got mine done and posted.

  5. That grandson of yours is just too beautiful!! Gorgeous little soul!
    Love the kind of littered feeling the shot of the lake gives ... I have a thing for blue doors ... not sure what, but I always find them rather inviting.
    A wonderful theme ...

  6. Cute li'l fella.

    Love the faded pastel blue of the water.

    Wonderful blue door.

  7. lovely pics, the first one is fab

  8. Hi Danette, I love your theme this week and Three beautiful shots to get us started I can't pic a favorite I like them all;)

  9. Good theme Danette. Even the baby has blue eyes. the water reflects the blue colour wonderfully and love the last photo with the blue door.

  10. Good choice of theme, Danette! Adorable baby your grandkid is... I 'envy' his blue eyes... Love the tranquility and the blue sky reflection in the second, making it my favourite, though the the blue door in the third adds character to the building frontside.

  11. I can recognize this sweet little baby. :)

    The way you captured the blue in the lake, makes it so abstractly romantic.

    The third one is my favorite.

  12. thanks for being our host and this is a wonderful theme
    all three are wonderful

  13. Nice theme, Danette! Your grandson is a cutie! He reminds me of a little kewpie doll!

    Nice shot of the lily pads with the strand of spider web stretching across to the seed pod.

    Maybe a little less blue, but striking in it's contrast, on that last one.

    The baby is my fav!

  14. Great theme Danette i love all three of your shots. But
    that baby is just too darling. What is his name? You must be so proud.
    That is a very special photo you took of him.

  15. A lucky grandson in blue of yours, Danette
    I like all the blues in your shots.

  16. Sorry for being late, Danette ............ had some pc trouble *grins* ..... the less said the better *winks*......Great theme, thank you for hosting ........ now must take some time to go through all the wonderful entries, I am sure there will be heaps, everyone likes blue and there is blue in so many interpretations "what to post, oh how to choose"