Saturday, 16 February 2013

Picture This 187 - Hues Of Blue

Glad to see Danette hosting this interesting theme this week.
Very interesting ME thinks.. I didn't have too many blue pictures except for cars. LOL!
This is Sue C and here are my three shots..

#1 Is a blue light bulb in the snow

light bulb blue

This is a shot of the moon on the Columbia River when we were fishing...I had shaky hands ... blue water columbia river

And of course a blue car and blue in the sky and canopy. Blue Car


  1. Three fantastic shots for Blue.
    I really like the first one.

  2. Hi Sue!! Three fantastic photos for Danette's theme!! I really love that first shot!! Brilliantly simple composition. The second shot is really atmospheric. Cool old car in the last shot.

  3. Three awesome shots of different hues of blue. The top one is my favourite... very simple, very creative...

  4. A great variety of blue...the light bulb shot is very cool, is it really blue or did you edit it?
    I guess your hands were shaking because you were cold? What did you catch?
    Love that cute little blue car :)

  5. The top shot is absolutely fabulous! I love all three.

  6. you did a great job on that light bulb
    the little car is so cool

  7. Love the reflections in the first two ... that light bulb one is brilliant!! Cute little car ... what is it?

  8. Amazing blue bulb

    Stunning evening shot

    The good ol' beetle :)

  9. all fab pics but the first one is the best. ciao

  10. The light blue bulb is very original, the moon looks like it is suspended in the blue sky, excellent photo. the blue car is very original.

  11. Hello Susan, the first shot is my first choice.
    I do like them all.

  12. You did fantastic Sue. Such different shots. Great stuff. Love that light bulb. well, I also do love your moon shot, why you shaking? No fish, too cold, too much to drink????? 'fess up !

  13. Great shots, Sue! That first one was so clever! We always associate blue with cold, don't we? Whatever made you think of that? The house next door to us in Jackson, GA always did their entire house in blue lights at Christmas.

    I love the lake shot, shaky hands or not, it's just lovely!

    What a cute lil car. It reminds me of the Smart cars!