Sunday, 10 February 2013

Picture This #186 ~ Classical

~ Classical ~

An original, classical gypsy caravan

 photo a_zps30e0cc23.jpg

A classical motor bike the Honda Silver Wing.

 photo aaaa_zps1d1b5e7f.jpg

A classical moment in the making. The 2012 Olympic Torch.

 photo aa_zpsadc325b7.jpg 

 ~ oOo ~


  1. Brilliant Lynne.

    I have always wanted a Gypsy Home just like this one. I wanted to travel all around my country in it.

    The bike looks a beauty and; of course the Flame!!!
    What more can anyone say about that.

  2. The gypsy caravan is very intresting, lovely colours. The bike is very imposing, seems to have impressed those two girls. Love the torch - don't know where you found that, but the olympics took park in the area where I grew up

  3. These are wonderful shots and a great take on the theme;)

  4. Very nice, Lynne! After reading Rumer Godden stories when I was a kid, I wished for a Gypsy wagon for myself.

  5. Hi Lynne!! Three great choices for the theme :-)) Love that gypsy caravan, there's one in a visitor centre near where I live. It's amazing how much they could fit into them!! I'm guessing the bike is Chaz's? The girls seem to like it. Where was the last one taken, as it doesn't look like the one in the main Olympic stadium in London?

    1. It is amazing how well contained and practical those caravans are ... I could quite easily imagine living in one. Yeah ... that bike belongs to Chaz! The picture of the torch was taken at the official lighting of the torch in Exeter ...

  6. I am loving your take on the theme...that caravan IS a classic, much more ornate than the current travel trailers :)

    I think those girls are classic too!

    Can't get more much more classic than that torch...

  7. all lovley lynne I love the caravan

  8. Cannot get over the gypsy caravan. That is really something and nicely photographed. Wow!

  9. I like the different subjects you choose for the theme.

    I've never seen any gypsy caravan before.
    I like your thought for the last shot.

  10. I want that wagon in the first photo
    Nice examples for the theme

  11. Wow... Lynne... how nice your three shots are! Very uncommon gypsy caravan... it must be owned by wealthy gypsies... you did capture it very nicely, making me feel like stepping into it and look around its interior... lovely composition in the second and the third one is something special...