Friday, 22 February 2013

Picture This 188 ~ Your Neighbourhood

I live in North Switzerland at the foot of the Jura Mountains in a very small village, Feldbrunnen,  where the cows and the birds say good night to each other.

Let's start on the main road, our connection to civilisation. On the left you can see the seat where I sit when waiting for the local train to Solothurn. Naturally when it is covered in snow, I have to stand.

Snowing in Feldbrunnen
I live on an estate, with various appartment blocks. Most are bought, but some are rented. We bought ours about 12 years ago. Very much emphasis is made on keeping everything natural and wild flowers are planted between the various houses. My big fat cat Nera can be seen on this one, taking a walk. She appreciates nature very much, especially the small animal life.

This shows how near we are to the River Aar. Our estate can be seen up on the rise on the left. We can walk into the town of Solothurn along the footpath. 

Getting nearer home


  1. Truly a beautiful winter shot. Love the flower bed and the riverside walk.

  2. Hi Pat. Three really nice photos of the area you live in!! Looks a bit on the cold side in that first shot!! Glad I'm looking at it from the comfort of my warm living room!! I love the wild flowers planted around the apartments!! So much nicer than concrete, or even ornamental gardens. A really pleasant walk along the River Aar, particularly in summer :-))

  3. oh wonderful Pat all three thanks

  4. You are not only a photographer, you are a poet. "Where the cows and birds say good night to each other." That is lovely. I see your cat, like mine, appreciates small animals. But do small animals appreciate them?

    Your pictures are beautiful; I am glad that there are places that emphasize the natural. Nice shot showing your closeness to the river.

    1. I stole it a bit. In Swiss German there is a saying connected with country places, at the edge of the forests. "Where the fox and hares say goodnight to each other". We have a few foxes but not many, and the hares tend to keep themselves to themselves.

  5. I am loving this theme ... so interesting to see the different parts of the world through one anothers neighbourhood. Absolutely love that middle shot ... too beautiful!

  6. Wonderful captures as always Pat very nice work;)

  7. Oh! I like the perspective in your first shot. Pat
    Beautiful flowers in your neighborhood.
    I would so love to have a walk along River Aar.

    Nice photos of your lovely neighborhood! :)

  8. I love your town, Pat. If not so cold and dark and wet in winter, could maybe live there. Wonderful shares, darling.

  9. Lovely shots, Pat and a lovely town.

    I love the second one where Nera is enjoying nature. The wildflowers are very pretty.

    Such a scenic area! I hope I'll be able to visit there someday. I really hoped we could visit when we were in Paris, but it was a rush job, that trip. Maybe next time, if there is a next time!

  10. Lovely Pat. Nera obviously likes pretty and smelling nice. I like your environment very much.

  11. Thanks, Pat, for showing us a little corner of the beautiful place where you live in...