Monday, 4 February 2013


Baz's Challenge nearly got the better of me, I very nearly went to bed with 2 PANADO and call doc in the morning syndrome..................much head scratching, brain wheels wheezing, blank feeling in mush, much searching, trying out morning lights and evening lights in garden, eventually as often happens, Geronimo, I have it  ....

From our Epic History Changing Trip in August last year from Johannesburg to Durban in 13 hours (the norm is about 6-7 hours) a trip that took us from Joburg Spring to Mountain Winter and Durban Summer in a few days ..............

1. Early morning light in The Free State at 7am . Temp was minus 1 C
Early Morning Light

2. Midday Haze going through one of our many detours before Estcourt at 20 deg C. 

Midday Haze

I had hoped to use a snow picture, but that was in between 10am and 11am, in  the mountains, so no good.

3.  Coming in to Pietermaritsburg after a 2 hour drive, that took 6 hours, very tired and irritated, the late afternoon light, lighting up the Shanty Town, with a warm glow at 15 degree C at 5.06pm

long shadows at dusk


  1. Nice shots, Marianne.... Love the soft and warm light in the third shot...

  2. Love the featherly clouds in the first one

    Wonderful shot of the countryside

    the holiday luxury accommodation?

  3. All three lovely, I especially like the warm tones of the bottom one. Also the feathery clouds up top.

  4. ... although epic and exhausting for you ... I can only see an amazing journey through different seasonal tones. Love the completely different shades of light in each shot. The first one looks nicely cold ~grin~ ...

  5. Hi Marianne!! Good to see you. Three lovely shots for the theme :-)) Despite it being cold, I really like the first one, love those feathery clouds. Nice warm haze in the second shot and a pleasant afternoon glow to finish. An epic journey!!

  6. Loving the cloud formation and light in your first shot Marianne.

    The second one is beautiful and so nice to see the lush trees.
    Puts me in mind of the South Island here at the moment. The colour is the same but only because of severe drought. Some stupid so and so got rid of ALL of the trees which makes me so mad because there is no shelter for the animals. Greedy B@#$%$#. It is usually lush green.

    Also loving the soft glow of the third one. Are they all houses on the left up to the top of the Hill?

  7. Love them all really gives you the feel of the country