Saturday, 9 February 2013

Picture This 186 ~ Classical

Our "classical" here in the USA is not as old as European "classical"...guess that's why we were once called "The New World" and I guess that is why my (Italian) Grandmother referred to Italy as "The Old Country".  With that being said here are my three interpretations of Classical:

 photo 4381dfcd-fe6e-4013-a8d6-44d46a33821f_zps283d17f0.jpg
Taken in Macon, Georgia with a 35mm  

 photo 069_zps7108d0c7.jpg
Taken in Brookgreen Gardens,  Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

 photo 014.jpg
Taken in Savannah, Georgia


  1. Beautiful lightcrown.

    Wonderful statue. Love the pose and the shimmering skin.

    Homey feel to the ivy covered facade.

  2. Hi Danette!! Great three choices for the theme. So they're not as old as European classical, but they're still classical nonetheless!! Beautiful chandelier in the first shot. Lovely statue in the second shot, I'm guessing it's made of copper? Love that house in the last shot, I'm a big fan of that style. Great soft-focus, too :-))

    1. From the looks of the patina I am guessing it is copper?

  3. America is becoming classical and I like the way it is going. that street scene in Savannah is beautiful. Love the statue of the ballerina, so fine and dainty and the chandelier is just great - Hollywood Hitchcock movie time.

  4. You do have such sensibility to see the Classics in the "New World".

    I like them all! :)

  5. Danette, your three photos show us a classic facet of the New World... I love it!

  6. great shots dani! love the last one best!

  7. These are; all of them, my most favourite of all of the photos so far Danette.

  8. Oh that house is simply devine ... love it!!!! Great shot of the chandelier ...

  9. Awesome captures as always D I love them all;)

  10. Great capture of the classic Old South. All 3 great shots.

  11. Love everyone especially the first

  12. That's a great shot of the chandelier. The statue is a classic pose. I've learned so much about Savannah. The photo of the home captures its essence.