Sunday, 10 February 2013

Picture This #186 ~ Classical

The US is relatively new, so I had to search for some classics. Fortunately I found a few.

1963 Corvette

An ultimate classic: the 1963 Covette with a split rear window, the only year for that design.

Golden Dome

The Golden Dome of the University of Notre Dame, built in the 1870's.

GrnGlass The bottom of an antique green bowl, origins unknown.

 I am having problems with my antique (but not classic) computer and must delay my visits to your pictures which I am anxious to see despite periodic crashes.


  1. Sorry about your computer :(
    Classic Americana, great job! Love the angle of the car and gold roof of Notre Dame and the green bowl is beautiful :)

  2. Hi Benni !! Was wondering what you would come up with, and you've not disappointed!! Love that first shot, I'm a Corvette fan, and that baby is the classic of them all!! Lovely shot of the 'golden dome' at Notre Dame. I hear they have a pretty good football team, too. That last shot is awesome, the colours and patterns are fabulous!! It's almost fractal.

    Sorry to hear about the grumpy computer, hope it co-operates.

  3. Three unique found photos for the classical theme!
    I like them all!

    I wish your computer recovers in a very fast manner. :)

  4. All three are great in their own rite, but; The bottom is the one I love Benni.

  5. Great interpretations ... love the last one ... colours and design are simply beautiful. As for that corvette ... Mmmm ... would be my ideal car!!!!

  6. A wonderful classic car. They sure could make them in those days.

    Magnificent roof on that tower.

    Exceptional patterns in that bowl

  7. Good shots. The corvette is unique. The golden dome is very impressive and love the bottom of the bowl.

  8. Wonderful captures everyone my friend;)

  9. Benni, these are wonderful. I would be drooling over the Corvette, I'm afraid. Such a sexy car!

    The dome is beautiful, but the glass is my favorite! love the colors!

  10. Thank you everyone! The Corvette would be my husband's favorite, haha. I was able to get the computer working again and appreciate your patience.

    P.S. Yes, the green bowl does have a fractal quality about it. Had never seen that before. I am glad people like it.

  11. All different, all beautiful choices... Love them all!