Saturday, 23 February 2013

Picture This 188 ~ Your Neighborhood

Hi all, and thanks to Heidi for this weeks theme.

I am very lucky in that my Neighborhood is right on the edge of a small village in Dorset England and surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in England. 

Even more so as my house in right on the edge of the village just a few minutes from a forest plantation. 

I have chosen my 3 images this week to reflect my 3 favorite parts of my Neighborhood. 

They were all taken within 10 minutes walking distance from my home. 

Have a great weekend;)

My Garden, Spring in HDR


The Village, the old Vicarage, West Moors Dorset England


The Forest and its wildlife. West Moors Plantation, Red Deer in the morning sun light



  1. There is something about old vicarage's that fascinate me ... not too sure what it is, but I am always drawn to them as though the hold some hidden secret ... beautiful building. Love your garden ... looks relaxing and peaceful ... the countryside of the UK is truly quite beautiful ...

  2. Lovely garden, charming little vicarage and majestic red deer.

  3. Hi Baz!! Having visited a couple of times now, I can definately say you live in a beautiful neighbourhood!! You have a great garden, it shows how much work you have put into it. I agree with Lynne, there's something indefinably interesting about old vicarages. Beautiful shot of the deer at the plantation :-))

  4. Hi Baz yes you live in I think the most beautiful part of England to actually you have it all and nt to far from the ocean
    love all your shots as always and thanks for letting us enjoy them

  5. Wow, how nice living in such a beautiful neighborhood.
    I really like the soft warm light in the last photo.

  6. what a lovely garden you've got there Baz! nice neighborhood

  7. You really live in one of the best parts of England, such olde worlde charm and a gift for the photographer. Love your pictures. the vicarage is just beautiful.

  8. Hi Baz. I always enjoy the photographs you take from around your garden and town and park. YOu are lucky to be able to live in such a picturesque place and still so close to everything

    Wonderful shots. That deer sure looks surprised to see his neighbour up so early LOl

  9. You've done wonders with your garden space, Baz. A real green thumb! Lovely photo!

    Have you been inside the vicarage? Know the vicar? It makes me think of the Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith.

    The last is my favorite. SO majestic!

  10. I love your garden; you must put a lot of work into it. And to have such magnificent creatures within walking distance - wonderful!

  11. *sigh* is spring already there? truly lovely images!

  12. Lucky you are! What a beautiful neighborhood you live in...