Sunday, 3 February 2013

Picture This 185 - From Dusk til Dawn

I didn't know if I would be able to post this week as we are at our rental cottage in Florida and just managed to get internet.

  Heron at dusk

A heron looks for fish in the gathering dusk.


A wave with rocks behind.

Morning squirrels

This picture is especially for Mitchy, who said he was interested in squirrels eating peanut butter out of a jar. The black one is diving in while the brown one waits her turn.


  1. these are wonderful shots very nice work;)

  2. Beautiful shot of the lone crane at sunset.

    Inviting beach

    Cute little critters in the snow,

  3. Hi Benni !! I'm glad you're still able to take part while you're on your vacation. Your first shot, of the heron at dusk, is just stunning!! Love it! Nice quality of light in the second shot. Thanks for the shot of the squirrels queuing up for peanut-butter breakfast!! Funny :-))

  4. Benni love your squirrel with his peanut butter. The heron is a wonderful silhouette again the background and a lovely seashore photo.

  5. I just love the glow that one can see in the waves at dawn and dusk ... especially dusk. Gorgeous capture!! Stunning shot of the heron ... love the colours ...

  6. love the lighting in the top two and the fun factor in the bottom one :)

  7. 3 very different but all nice examples of the theme. The last one is such a fun capture.

  8. Three great shots Benni and thank for the big smile with the bottom one.

  9. Benni, stunning contributions... The heron is a good poseur... perhaps feeling pride... love the light in the second shot... very cute squirrels...