Friday, 22 February 2013

Picture This 188 ~ Your Neighborhood

When I get to know people, I am always curious about where they live and what their houses look like.  So when I saw this theme, I thought "Bravo!" Well, done, Heidi.

Ten months of the year, I live in Michigan, which is in the upper part of the US. We live in a semi-rural area and our house is on land that once was a pig farm. We get snow, many years, from November to March.

Michigan in Winter

We were lucky to find this house, which was built in 1938.


Across the street from our house is this tract of land which developers wanted to use to put up office buildings and apartments. So the city and township bought the land, with help from conservationists, and now it is a place for people to walk and be with nature. There are deer, fox, and many birds in this area. I try to walk a mile or two a day here.

Pond Florida

February and March we live in Florida, 1350 miles or 2,200 km south. We rent a house on this man-made lagoon, which has many birds and fish. There are supposedly alligators here too. I have never seen anyone swimming in here, so that is possibly true. This is taken from our tiny dock. No one has boats either, which lends credence to the alligator story.


  1. Hi Benni !! Love your photos for Heidi's theme!! You have a lovely house, and the snow really gives it a special feel, right down to the glow of the lamp. Beautiful scenery across the street, and so happy to hear that people have prevented it being ruined by redevelopment!! I could forgo swimming or having a boat, just so I could feel some warmth!! I'm so tired of winter, and I haven't even had snow!! LOL.

    1. Thank you! We have been having mild winters lately, which means somewhat less snow. But we usually can count on one light snow in April and that is so disheartening. I am happy you like the pictures.

  2. Oh WOW ... am loving your neighbourhood!!! Beautiful shots,all three ....

  3. oh how wonderful my step dad was from there and he always loved so
    now I know why thank you very much for the memory

  4. This is really a wonderful getting to know you theme. I love all three of your pictures. Your house looks wonderful in the snow and the other two photos are such wonderful scenery.

  5. Lovely shot for of the lantern.

    Beautiful and serene photo of the park.

    Indeed - no skinnydipping there for sure.

  6. Beautiful I miss Michigan when I am not visiting with Marci its a wonderful area;)

  7. Michigan is very beautiful. I see different seasons in your three lovely shots!

    Very nice, Benni :)

  8. You have wonderful surroundings, Benni, except for the gators that is. Sure is nice to get to know each other.

  9. Thank you all. Yes, Michigan is such a lovely place in the winter, especially when one can stay indoors. Shoveling the snow is a nightmare; we needed to shovel it not only off the driveway, but, when it was heavy, off the roof as well. These old bones like the Florida weather better. Alligators and fire ants (I was bitten just recently) not so much.

  10. The house is lovely covered with snow and the light from the lamp really makes this picture, giving it an inviting warmth.

    The second one is just absolutely perfect. I love the composition and the sunlight glancing off the clouds. Beautiful area.

    Pretty lil vacation spot! Watch out for those gators!

  11. I have already been bitten by fire ants. But I suppose that is better than alligators.

  12. You wouldn't have any photos of the Fire Ants would you Benni? I would love to see what they look like.

    Three very different and beautiful photos.

  13. Love your three photos, Benni! Lovely house in winter. I'm sure it's lovely in all seasons.... beautiful pond in Florida... nice place to relax...