Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Picture This 188 - Your Neighborhood

Picture This Our neighborhood.
Hello Heidi you came up with a great theme. Thanks for hosting.

We have two Eagle nest being built in our neighborhood.
Eagles Making nest photo OurEaglesNest_zpsc2190db3.jpg

This is our Neighbors Horse. The try to keep him dry. He always wears a raincoat.
  Horse near home photo DSC04809_zps903b732d.jpg

This is our yard last Summer Garden in Summer photo horse_zps2e1dacb0.jpg


  1. Gee thanks for putting my photo up above. It is quite an honor to have it on this great site.

  2. Susan, You are so lucky living in a neighborhood which surrounded by nature!

    Eagles shot is my favorite!

  3. I have to move, what a wonderful neighbourhood you have. Eagles, horses and a yard like a botanic garden, a pleasure to the eyes

  4. Hi Sue!! What a fantastic neighborhood you live in!! Awesome shot of the Eagles doing their nest-building. The horse looks snug in his raincoat. You have a beautiful garden :-))

  5. looks wonderful where you live, wherever that might be? In USA?? wish I had horses in my backyard, well I do when down on the farm, cannot wait to when we retire...............

  6. That picture of the eagles is most stunning!! You live in a beautiful place.

  7. The usual make over: home edition.

    "I neigh therefore I am."

    Beautiful garden shot.

  8. I can't imagine a lovelier neighborhood! Beautiful shots, Susan. That first one is amazing!

  9. I love the Eagles the best Sue.
    Does the horse ever have the coat off? It can't be good for the horse if not.
    Your garden is delightful too.