Sunday, 3 February 2013

Picture This #185 - Dusk to Dawn

Late afternoon sun/shade along a walkway by the beach:

Beach Path

Fog on the water:


Noonday sun:



  1. Beautiful well-laid path and a good place to take a break after walking all the way to the sea and back

  2. Hi Honey!! Three lovely takes on Baz's theme. I would love to take a stroll along that walkway near the beach with you. Looks murky in that second shot. Which bridge is that in the distance? I could just sit on that bench and soak up some sun :-))

    1. That's the Edison Bridge which goes over the Raritan bay - I was on the train heading into New York, so you've probably seen it when you were here

  3. Oh you have captured the late afternoon sun perfectly ... I can feel it, especially in the first one. The bench has to be my favorite ... too beautiful.

  4. That is a dreamy walkway. Would like to try it myself. Love the misty view over the water and looks like one of those lazy late afternoons to sit on the bench.

  5. I love the broody quality you have captured in your middle shot. The bench is delightful, but I would be rather be on your inviting walkway headed down to the beach. Three nice shots.

  6. Nice shots for the theme. Even though it looks dreary, I really like the middle photo.

  7. I feel lots of solitude and relaxation in these

  8. That walkway looks very inviting and just right for little me.
    The fog one has it's own beauty and I bet it would make a great night shot.
    That seat is begging to be sat on, what a delightful place.

  9. Three different photos... three different light captures... all beautiful!

  10. You got three beautiful captures.
    I love bench phoyo's..this one is neat.