Sunday, 3 February 2013

Picture This 185 - From Dusk To Dawn - Sue C

#1 is taken at the Ocean LaPush Washington

#2 In the Issaquah Alps in my home town


#3 is Mount Rainier in Washington State view from my home


  1. What a beautiful photo up above by Pat.
    I got my writing screwed up again sorry..
    I will be back to look later. I see some wonderful entries so far.
    This is such a talented group.

  2. Are you okay Sue my friend?

    This is your post and it is stunning, especially the first two. Love them.

    1. I think I am okay. Just had a very busy day with all of the football.

  3. Hi Sue!! I adjusted the spacing of the photos and wording so it looks better now. Three fantastic shots for the theme. Love the sun-rays striking the ocean in the first shot, the sun-rays through the trees in the second are even better!! Lovely shot of Mt Rainier to finish.

  4. Lovely God's light

    Mysterious forest

    Majestic mountain.

  5. You have captured the light effects very well in the first photo. The forest looks very mysterious, a nice depth achieved and the third photo is just wonderful.

  6. Stunning photos, Sue! Love the top one for its simplicity, the second one for the mystic light and the third one for the different green hues in contrast with the snow peak...