Saturday, 2 February 2013

Picture This 185 - From Dusk to Dawn

First of all I would like to thank Mitch and the powers concerned for having my Weihnachtskranz (Christmas Wreath) as the banner for this week. What a lovely surprise.

And now to the work. Some time ago it must have been Dracula's birthday, or perhaps a gathering of the cursed. In any case our local tribe of crows decided to go for a group flight as night was breaking. Our village survived although I believe some of us awoke with some strange red marks on their throats the next morning. I decided to trap the event with my camera.


And as the sun sinks slowly in the West the mountains decide to have a sleep until the next morning. The big one in the middle is the Eiger, the one next to it on the righthand side is the Mönch and further on the right is the Jungfrau. 

Bernese Alps

Probably the idea was the end of the world, but it was decided to keep us here for a time. This was what we got in my village of Feldbrunnen. Took the photo from the back garden.

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland


  1. Hi Pat!! I just loved the warm glow of your candles, it makes the perfect banner.

    Love you entries for this week's theme. I'm sure those crows were making a lot of noise while announcing the meeting of the cursed!! Really beautiful shot of the mountains in the evening light. Took me a moment to realise there were a couple of hot-air balloons in the shot, I was so concentrating on the mountains!! LOL. The final shot could be the cover to go with U2's album "Under A Blood Red Sky"

  2. These are all wonderful shots Pat and perfect for the theme, I especially love the balloons with the wonderful mountains in the distance;)

  3. Lovely faint pastel sky dotted with birds. Love the faded outline of the majestic mountains in the second. Beautiful burning sky in the last one.

  4. Three wonderful shots ... Intriguing picture of the crows ... must have been quite a sight to see ... love that bloody red sky ... too beautiful!

  5. Three magnificent shots! You've captured a spooky essence in your picture of the crows. I just love your mountains; they do seem like sleeping giants. Are those balloons in the picture? Lovely. And in your final picture, it seems the sky is on fire. Reds and oranges but purple tones too. Very nice!

  6. Three wonderful shots. I love the light on the mountains. The photo of the crows is eerie because it reminds me of Hitchcock's film, The Birds. The red sky is awesome.

  7. wow Pat you out did yourself all are wonderful

  8. I would like to first congratulate you on the winning photo above. It is warm, bright, and stunning.

    Your take on the crows is amusing and brings back stories I have read about them.
    The mountains are beautiful and the two balloons set them off nicely. Awesome!
    Now for the last one. It would freak me out no end if I ever saw a sky like that in NZ. It just doesn't happen! It is amazing and the tree stands out shouting, "Don't forget me!" Stunning!

  9. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I just wanted to say I never even noticed the balloons on the photo. We often have balloon flights in Switzerland, part of the tourist programme. I really did not know that I had captured two on the photo.

    1. And I thought you might have put them there on purpose to emphasize the height of the mountains. :)

  10. love your the banner!

    I really like the variety of photos you have chosen. All have great contrasts, I really like the vastness of the one with the balloons.

  11. All very nice but absolutely love that middle shot.

  12. love your pics but the last one is the one I prefer. cheerio

  13. Three different captures of light, yet all are so beautiful!!!