Monday, 5 May 2014

Picture This #249 ~ White, Gray And Black

Hyacinth and Dandelion 

Learning to fly a kite

Apple blossoms 


  1. Love the park picture with the kite. Very inviting shot. The flowers, well how can you go wrong with them. Nice shots.

  2. Hi Debby!! Three wonderful shots for the theme. The child learning to fly his kite is a good shot, and the apple-blossom is lovely, but it's the first shot of the grape hyacinths and dandelions that really stands out for me. It has a real sharpness to it. Did you take it in HDR?

  3. Three wonderful photos. I particularly like the hyacinth in the first one, the b/w has really given the buds volume.

  4. Delightful shot of the berries.

    "I believe it can soar...."

    Beautiful flower

  5. Love the three B&W photos, Deb! Very fine details in the first shot...lovely composition in the second shot...I would love to know how to fly a kite... Apple blossoms are so nice that though I like the fruit I think the flower should keep as a flower and never turn into a fruit...

  6. Hi Debby, sorry I am late in posting. I love the grape hyacinth and how you got down to their level. The kite shot is just wonderful and how nice that there are some white dogs too, adds to the scene. My favorite is the blossoms in light. Beautiful.

  7. No Mitch...not an HDR shot. I don't think my camera can do that. It was taken on super macro setting.