Saturday, 31 May 2014

Picture This #253 ~ It Takes Two To Tango

Thanks for choosing my picture as the banner Mitch. The village of Feldbunnen is becoming famous.

I also do not usually take photos of people, but I found a couple that I have never shown here.

First of all let's go to Morocco. Sometime in the nineties Mr. Swiss and I were in Marrakech and we spent one evening with music and dancing in a Bedouin tent - and with food of course. Here is a photo of two of the dancers
Marrocan entertainment  in a Bedouin tent

Father and No. 2 son packing the shopping into the car at the supermarket parking lot
Son and dad discussing how to load the car

When a hedge separates your garden from the neighbour's garden, it needs co-ordination to cut it. Our neighbour has now moved away, but it used to be fun. Mr. Swiss on the right.
Philipp & Marcel - synchronised work


  1. Hi Pat! Congrats on your banner shot; it is an amazing shade you have captured. Nice bottom two shots and Mr. Swiss and my husband (who is German Swiss) could be brothers. You top shot is a beauty, what a great holiday memento, captures the people and atmosphere wonderfully.

    1. My husband is german Swiss as well, we speak swiss german at home usually. What part of Switzerland is your husband from, if I may ask.

  2. Hi Pat!! Three good shots for Debby's theme. I love that first shot, brings back memories of my visit to Morocco, so many years ago. Looks like Mr Swiss is hoping for some help from son No.2 in the second shot. Good co-ordination of effort in the third shot. It's a rarity to see neighbours co-operating like that, at least over here!!

  3. Wonderful shot of the dancers.

    Very nice shots of the coordinated packing and hedge-clipping

  4. I like your photos, as always. They are not only good in quality but most of the times, they also show a pinch of your sense of humour....

  5. oh Pat these are all wonderful

  6. hi pat, cool pics around here. bye bye

  7. What a wonderful experience you've portrayed in that first shot, Pat! Look at those huge castanets! Did it make you feel like dancing? I'd love to visit there, too.

    Lucky you! Look at those handsome guys! Nice shot!

    I love the last shot. It used to be quite an ordeal when a neighbor of ours decided to trim the Cherry tree that was in the back corner of our lot (that overhung into his yard) At one point he chopped off half the tree, which made my husband very angry. He very nearly took him to court. But the guy came an apologized and offered to buy and plant another tree for us. I hope your neighbor was not as touchy as ours was! Is he telling your hubby where and how much to cut?

  8. Sorry for the typos, I hate it that you can't go back and edit mistakes on here. ;p